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Dream Club

A 21 day immersion into the wilds of your dreams


A gentle yet intensive approach into the personal and collective language of our dreams.

Holy isn’t always a church or open meadow. It can be a zone of profound change, where sexuality, the mythic realms, dreams, and the opening of soul can all occur. Those sculptural images on the temple walls are telling us this, warning us of major potencies at play. If you want to keep everything just so, nice and white, go no further.” - Martin Shaw


We meet frequently across 21 days to hold our flourishing dreams, plant seeds to last a lifetime and experiment with practices. Share and receive wisdom from the group whilst being supported in getting to know your innate language - an invaluable key into your understanding of the wild, true you.



Enter into the mythic realm of dreams 


This is for you if:

- you have intense and amazing dreams and want community, mirroring and guidance in tapping into them more fully 

- you rarely remember your dreams and would like to explore this connection to see if you can reignite the spark between you and your inner dreamer

- your dreams don't make much sense or are often nightmares and you would like to tame the tiger 

- you enjoy working ceremonially but also want practical guidance 

- you are interested in connecting with dream community + working deeply 

- you would like to know more about lucid dreaming/ dream analysis / dream wisdom and cultivating a healthy dream practice

- you have been described as dreamy, a dreamer or a day dreamer 

- you have a practical approach and want to explore your dreamy side

- you are interested in a Purple Diamond approach to dreamwork


"I must learn the dregs of my thought, my dreams, are the speech of my soul. I must carry them in my heart, and go back and forth over them in my mind, like the words of the person dearest to me. Dreams are the guiding words of the soul." - C.G Jung


We will be working ceremonially and practically to enhance our dreams. 


This course includes :

1 x dream workshop + opening ceremony including individual dream blessings

8 x dreamers council sessions 

1 x closing ceremony  

2 x dream correspondence 1:1 emails with Arizona 

1 x dreamwork books 

option for dream buddy work


Opening ceremony will call upon the archetypes of the dream realm, both personal and collective, I will offer each live participant an energetic blessing in ceremony.


The workshop will ground us into the basics of dreamwork and Purple Diamond's approach, including practices which you will be invited to explore across the 21 days - such as dream drawing and working with plant allies. 

Dream council will be a space to weave together the voice of our dreams as individuals + a collective cauldron, spotting patterns and supporting each other, as-well as planting seeds for the dreams to come. This space is ancient community magic - the invaluable space for deep wisdom sharing.

Closing ceremony will close up the container we have been weaving, cement the pathways created and bless us on our ways to continued dreamwork.

Session dates:

26th May Dreamers Workshop + Opening Ceremony  90 mins

28 May Dream council 60 mins

30 May Dream council 60 mins

2 June Dream council 60 mins

4 June Dream council 60 mins

6 June Dream council 60 mins

10 June Dream council 60 mins

13 June Dream council 60 mins

16 June Dream council 60 mins

16 June Closing Ceremony 60 mins

All times 7pm GMT /2 EST except the final dream council which will be at 6GMT/1EST

Plus :

> Correspond with Arizona via email on two dreams at any point across our 21 days together 

> Option for 1:1 buddy work with other participants 

> x1 Dreamers Workbook



  1. Do I need to remember my dreams - no, we will work towards greater dream recall across the time together and we can work with fragments or sensations upon waking.

  2. Is there a payment plan - yes, please message me directly

  3. What if I can't come live? - Due to the particular nature of this course it is recommended all participants come to at very least 50% of the live calls.

  4. Is this course recorded, can I do it later - The calls will be recorded for the group but other than the initial dream workshop none of this material will be resold - this is a one time container.

  5. How long will the recording be up - you have access to this course for 6 months days from our beginning date.

  6. How much is this course - £275 

  7. What are the dates - we begin 26th May - see above for full dates list

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