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Thank you Arizona for this beautiful reading I cried instantly, these readings are so powerful i need time to digest but I wanted to tell you how seen I feel and how something is definitely shifting!


Dear Arizona thank you so much for the tarot reading, I was so shocked at the accuracy - things that I wasn't even consciously aware of - really deep stuff. You have given me real clarity and delivered so beautifully with warmth and love


A generous and thoughtful reading. I have really connected with this message and it has given me a lot to think about. the illustration is so beautiful and the mantra feels perfect.










Arizona! I am so speechless about what a beautiful session that was but let me try to find the words! That was so beyond what I was expecting, I felt you energy in a way I just didn't know was possible. The information you brought forth was so accurate and I just had no idea that was part of it! I feel clearer and more relaxed and I definitely will be back for another session soon.

The session was an absolute gift that left me speechless. I felt held throughout and cared for. The connection you maintained and the insight you had were incredible. I understood with more clarity my current state and the work I need to do through the images, colours , allies and energies you encountered in the session. The information you gave me has provided me with an idea of where and how to focus my energy moving forward. I ended the session feeling love, safety and calm.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Summer solstice-2.png

Arizona is such a special healing force. Her energy is so calm and soothing. Reiki will leave you refreshed and revitalised with so much information on working with you body, energy and even guides. She always brings forth symbols to work with too so you can continue working with the world and yourself in such a unique way. The distance sessions are easy to integrate into your week and help you feel revitalised. Highly recommend if you are interested in moving into better relationship with yourself spiritually and physically!








Arizona is a hidden gem of healing. I've had multiple sessions with her across tarot, illustrated tarot, ceremony and energy healing and each experience has been altering. Overall though I am humbled by how kind Arizona is and how safe I feel with her. I am choosy about who I work with and so glad I found Purple Diamond.
Jen - Stylist 

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