“See, when I paint, it is an experience that, at its best, is transcending reality.”
-- Keith Haring

 The Purple Diamond Tarot deck is a 78 card hand-painted deck and 168 page guidebook packed with vibrancy and intuitive art.

The creation of this work has been such a meaningful process to me and continues to deepen my relationship to the tarot. it is with my gratitude and excitement I invite you to work with the cards. 

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Painting the cards has taught me so much and really connected me further to the unending magic of tarot as a craft. The cards are a journey through the self, much like ‘The Heroes Journey’ the cards depict every aspect of the ups and downs of growth as a human, they represent in a Jungian sense all facets of the self. This is useful in its ability to mirror back to us the parts of ourselves we aren't able to see because we are clouded by fear, resistance or simply the vast amount of goings on in the world. This makes it hard to detangle any one element of self and the corresponding emotions, blocks and trials. Tarot allows us to cut through this by connecting to the innate inner wisdom within us all.

The cards have taken me on a huge learning journey and I am truly excited to share them with you, I believe now more than ever tarot and other tools for self healing are needed.

Each card was individually researched, meditated on, dreamed with and then sketched and handprinted. Painting is a transcendent state for me, and these cards have been made with huge amounts of love. The deck is whimsical, creative and intuitive. They are kind but firm when they want to be.

I find the cards to be benevolent teachers and this is reflected in the meanings and guidance in the Purple Diamond Tarot.




 If you would like to order a pack send me an email by clicking the button below.