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Feeling stuck, unsure, ready to remember your magic and in need of a guide along the way?

Finding yourself accessing deeper spaces within and looking for ways to refine your intuitive gifts?

Want a space to explore and workshop creative ideas?

Do you have a wish to deepen your understanding of your own rich creative wisdom?

Interested in living a life of deeper connection and ceremony?

What I offer is a safe container to explore what's coming up. Together we will look at creative ways to bring more flexibility, joy and expansion into your practices and your life.


Most of all I'm here to be a loving mirror to the wisdom you already hold. 


I'm really enjoying working with Arizona. Always feeling calmer and brighter after our sessions. I feel free to talk about whatever is whirring in my mind that's causing confusion. Arizona is able to effortlessly bring insight, clarity and calm to my inner world.


Elly, Midwife

These 1:1 sessions are bespoke, safe, loving and expansive. Together we will look at what’s coming up for you, what your interests are and how your intuition is showing up already. We will use the tarot, journeying, meditation, divination, visual art, story and energetic healing to work in a way which best suits you. You will receive personalised guidance and have the opportunity to talk through any symbols, dreams, images, archetypes or happenings which have come to you. If you have creative projects in mind I am happy to workshop these with you and contribute to inspiration/ be a sounding board.


The spiritual mentorship sessions with Arizona are not only gentle, loving and a true act of co-creation: they bring me back, again and again, to my core self, to what really matters. They nourish my life and soul on a personal, spiritual and creative level and I'm forever grateful we get to do this work together.


Anne, Writer


I have years of experience working through artistic and inutuive methods with people of all ages and backgrounds. But more importantly, I understand what it is to both seek greater mastery of your intuitive gifts AND what it is to need a guide in times of fear. I know the value of holding loving space, and I also know that you don't need anything more than that from me. Because you are the magic you seek.


“The way to maintain one's connection to the wild is to ask yourself what it is that you want. This is the sorting of the seed from the dirt. One of the most important discriminations we can make in this matter is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls.”
Clarissa Pinkola Estes​

What you receive:
- 1 x monthly mentorship zoom call with Arizona 
- 1x monthly check in (by zoom or email depending on your preference)
- monthly bespoke homework 
-- on-going early access to new healing projects or tools

The Investment:
£144/month (main session + check in per month) for sets of 3,6 or 9 months - after the initial container sessions can continue on a rolling basis if this feels right.

*Payment plans are available and one half scholarship space is also available per 6 month period.

Book a free consultation call to find out more and feel into working together 

Feeling the call?
Book a free chat today to find out if this is a fit


Arizona and I connected over two years ago, a relationship which started from an illustrated reading while going through a breakup - and has since grown, evolved and blossomed in my journey of understanding my own spirituality.  From the beginning I felt a strong connection with her, and chose to pursue her mentorship program late last year. I was intrigued by my own spiritual signs I was receiving and had a strong calling to embrace the realm of both being a healer, and healing. This program came to me at a time where I needed guidance more than ever, and her kind, honest, open and non judgmental support created a safe space which allowed me to dive even further into spirituality and self discovery. Intuition, tarot, ancestral guidance and artistry, numbers, ceremonies, rituals - you name it, we've welcomed them all in our sessions and truly feel my healing has evolved at an incredible pace. Arizona fosters such a unique space and supports you in every way she can. I truly couldn't begin to express how grateful I am for her guidance and support, and can't wait to develop my skills further. 


Kaiva Kaimins 

CEO, Founder and Creative Director


I offer one half scholarship for 6 sessions across 6 months. Please fill in this form with your reasons for wanting to do this work at this time. 

Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you soon. 

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