From a young age I felt more in-tune with the dream world than this one. I spent a lot of time feeling more connected to animals than humans and I often saw colours and shapes around people. The shape I saw most powerfully was the Purple Diamond. When it appeared, I had a strange feeling, but without language for this sensitivity I shut off from these gifts for many years. 

I have worked as a freelance and community artist for over 5 years, often working with vulnerable people. I have always had an instinct towards helping others and a feelings-based view of life. As a sensitive and sensory person, I have relied on the visual as a mode self-expression, healing and understanding. I learnt that creativity and the visual has the power to heal, not just the creator but also those around them.

My art practice has centred around finding divinity in domestic scenes, images from dreams, myth, meditations and otherworldly experiences but it wasn't until a few years ago that I began to really explore tarot. After going for a life-changing tarot reading, I began drawing the cards and slowly getting a feel for them. This way of understanding by drawing helped me to unconsciously process the ancient symbolism and get a feel for my own interpretation and language within tarot, giving me a language for the rich inner world I had so long tried to articulate.

As I have continued to work with the cards through drawing, research, meditation, dreamwork and prayer my sense of energy, mediumship, dreams and the Purple Diamond have all hugely expanded. In 2020 I started offering illustrated readings and hand-painting my own tarot deck to both process my understanding of tarot and archetypes further (this is a lifetimes work) and also bring a piece of my mode of visual mediation and meditation to you. In 2021 I trained in Reiki, giving me the basis to work with energetic healing - something I am now deeply passionate about.

I have a degree in English Literature and a foundation year in Transpersonal psychotherapy as well as an ongoing interest in Jungian and Transpersonal practice, dreamwork, somatic and shamanic practices. My work is trauma-informed and sensitive, my biggest understanding so far is the importance of gentleness and I endeavour to bring this further into my life and practice every day. 

 I am deeply thankful to be able to explore this work, I am aware that in other times, or even currently in other places this would not be possible. It is a true honour to be able to witness healing and growth in such a personal way. My greatest wish is to help all of us remember our innate, intuitive ability to heal, our capacity for compassion and connection to nature and each other.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing from you.