Every 1st Monday of the month at 19:00 GMT

 pay what you can - suggested donation £10

The first Monday of every month we gather on zoom for a group reading.

✨have your cards read or sit back and soak up the collective magic- we are going to make something amazing just by being together in a healing and intentional space. A space for: channeling, tarot , healing, community, honesty and loving vibes 💖

This is for you if : 

💖 you love to delve into the magic and mystical 
💖 you are a seeker of truth, understanding and greater self knowledge 
💖 you have questions you’d like some input on
💖 you are interested In being with a like minded community 
💖 you are interested in healing and shining your light even brighter
Suggested donation £10 ~ if you’re feeling flush, pay a bit extra to help another witch take their seat.