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If you have any questions or for bespoke dreamt-into-being oracle decks please send me a message using the button below. 



1 hour - £125

 Join me on zoom where together with the cards we can look at specific questions or begin with a general overview of what’s coming up for you currently. If you would like to use this time for a 'year ahead' reading or to work with dreams we can absolutely do that too.


This is a great way to gain clarity and information as well as helping you to feel more connected to your guides and purpose. These readings are rich and detailed, a healing is transmitted with what comes through -  I recommend no more than one a month.

Great for : 

  •  guidance for specific questions 

  • a general reading

  • year ahead readings for the new year/ birthdays 

  • work with dreams ​+  emotional themes

  • quarterly seasonal readings 



£145 - 90 mins

Energy healing along with the tarot and divination offering you a powerful healing treatment.

Working with your energy and emotional body to encourage and facilitate healing, listen and hear the voice of your inner world + offer spoken guidance through the cards. 

Receive notes and guidance on facilitating your own healing abilities, what’s coming up around specific chakras as well as working with the archetypes of the tarot to help you heal and thrive with a greater sense of clarity and connection.

What you receive:

·       A bespoke healing ceremony  

·       A tarot reading via zoom

·       Detailed notes on what came up as I went through your chakras 

·       Suggestions for further healing and integration and a chance to ask questions / talk through what’s come up

Who is this good for?

  • Anyone in need of healing after a major event, chronic anxiety or pain, general energetic tune ups or simply feeling the call to commune with your energetic self.

  •  Are you looking for some guidance on a specific issue?

  • A combination of body, energetic and mind support?

If yes, then this is for you!

blocks of sessions can be booked at a discounted price for ongoing conditions.




This option is great if you have a couple of specific questions. I will record what comes up in the cards and send this to you via email.


I aim to answer 2-4 questions depending how complicated they are. I can also create a week ahead forecast for you *instead* of questions. 


You will receive a specific GMT time when your reading will begin but don't worry if you can't be available at the same time.


As with all the readings there is often a mini healing transmitted through this work so please take time to digest what you receive.

You will receive:

  •  recorded answers to your questions or info from the cards via email

  • a mini healing through the vibration of the words 



£1400 - bespoke talismanic artwork + reading


This offering comes straight from my inner light. I have been using art as a tool for communing with soul and spirit my entire life. When I first started Purple Diamond Tarot I was offering illustrated readings, but this is truly what I want to offer, and it's what I also offer myself. 

In ceremony I will tune into your energy and create a talismanic piece of art for you, each one will be different and pulsing with the magic coming in just for you. You may receive a copper piece, a painting, handmade candles, a hand made rattle - I leave this to spirit to dictate. 

You will also receive information on your talismanic artwork plus a written reading, list of energetic allies to root further into what has come through and an affirmation from your guides. 

The art reading is a powerful tool for guidance, clarity and talismanic comfort. The wisdom which comes through is both oracular and of the poets sense - it is a kind of healing that lands straight into the unconscious, the body and the inner centres of wisdom, often bypassing the mind. 

 This is a magical offering for those deep on their spiritual journey as well as people who feel they are just beginning. The artwork is highly charged and can be used as a talisman for you to meditate with, bringing love, luck and wisdom for years to come. 

You will receive by mail: ​

  • an in-depth written reading made intuitively for you 

  • a specific affirmation  

  • list of energetic allies to continue working with

  • an original artwork 

**please note when booking you will be asked to select a preferred date for your reading - you do not need to be present at this time, this will be the time I work on your talismanic bundle. 



consultation call - free

These 1:1 sessions are bespoke, safe, loving and expansive. Together we will look at what’s coming up for you, what your interests are and how your intuition is showing up already. We will use the tarot, journeying, meditation, divination, art, story and energetic healing to work in a way which best suits you. You will receive personalised guidance and have the opportunity to talk through any symbols, dreams, images, archetypes or happenings which have come to you. 

This work is suitable for anyone who feels they need some loving guidance around their spiritual and creative practices, beginners welcome. 

Please note * this is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical care - although we may touch on health and emotional wellbeing in our work together.

Book a free consultation call to find out more and feel into working together in a container of 6, 9 or 12 sessions at a time. 


Following your free consultation call, if we decide to work together :

What you receive:

  • 1 x monthly hour zoom call with Arizona 

  • 1x monthly check in 

  • monthly gentle spiritual/ creative homework 

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