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Tools as unique and powerful as you are, ready to be used as portals to your magic 




Created in the light of the Purple Diamond - a protective and expansive energy.


Vibrant and intuitive 78 card deck with 168 page colour guidebook. A warm and unique tarot deck perfect for beginners and seasoned tarot readers alike.

The original cards have each been hand painted with love and meaning - this deck is rich in spiritual connection. The A5 guidebook carries compassionate card guidance as well as space for you to write your own notes.

Use these cards, their imagery and spirit to feel allied with, protected, and ready to meet yourself ever more deeply. ​May this deck be a true friend to you.

Copy of The Book of Love.png

Journey Through The Tarot : Line One - On Demand


A Journey Through the Tarot - Line One is a unique 8 week course which takes us along the archetypal journey of first line of the Major Arcana. 


Open to tarot beginners and those interested in deepening their tarot connection or those interested in the inspiration these ancient archetypes bring for creative and healing work.

We are guided by the container of the tarot to explore the archetypes which weave through each of our worlds + find mirrors to our magic, brushes for our tangles and hands to hold in the passageways. 

A way to incorporate mythic thinking into your everyday life, to expand your capacity to make sense of this strange world - employing the poetic + oracular mind, myth + story, symbolism past + present. 

- gain an understanding of working with the tarot in a multidimensional manner 

- meet with the first 7 archetypes of the tarot in an embodied and esoteric way

- call forth the muses into your life for creative and spiritual growth

- become more confident in divination 

Join for a years access to the material + access to a private group forum.




A 41 page workbook on dreams. exploring practices to aid dream recall and analysis.

Dreams offer us the key into our own wisdom, understanding our dreams is one of the best ways to expand our magic.



£55 lucky dip - set
£77 bespoke - set

Dreamt into being and handcrafted, these amuletic talismans are super charged as offerings for your intentions.


Traditional offerings and votive talismans in this style are seen in parts of the world such as Mexico, Naples, ancient Egypt and ancient northern Europe.  They have been used for centuries to honour loved ones, deities and intentions in the home, altars and places of worship.


Place these on your altars, give them as offerings, sew them into your clothes or hang them in your houses for a talismanic touch stone. 


Copper is used to stimulate energetic flow, it is a conductor of energy sent around the body. Like a sacred site or luminous being it amplifies thoughts + energy. It is also believed to provide connections between the physical and spiritual realms.


The goddess of copper is Venus who presides over all that is beauty and succulent in juicy learning through pleasure and abundance. Call on her when you need to remember that life can be sweet.


Buy a bespoke talisman or go for  the lucky dip - which will be picked intuitively for you.

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£10 +

Give a magical gift to a friend or loved one. Receive a digital voucher to share via email. You can top up the voucher with any amount that the bearer will receive off their reading, healing or ritual tool of choice.


These vouchers do not expire and can be redeemed at any time. 

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