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Tools, Guides and Courses as unique and powerful as you are, ready to be used as portals to your magic 




Created in the light of the Purple Diamond - a protective and expansive energy.


Vibrant and intuitive 78 card deck with 168 page colour guidebook. A warm and unique tarot deck perfect for beginners and seasoned tarot readers alike.

The original cards have each been hand painted with love and meaning - this deck is rich in spiritual connection. The A5 guidebook carries compassionate card guidance as well as space for you to write your own notes.

Use these cards, their imagery and spirit to feel allied with, protected, and ready to meet yourself ever more deeply. ​May this deck be a true friend to you.

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Journey Through The Tarot : Line One + Two - On Demand

£222 / £244

Journey Through the Tarot is a mystery school of three acts - Line One: Becoming is currently available as a self study 8 module course, Line two: Transforming is also available, Line Three: Transcending will be live later this year. 

Each part of this course offers practical instruction, a plethora of ideas as well as healing initiations based around the encounters I had with each archetype as I created the Purple Diamond Tarot.




A 41 page workbook on dreams. exploring practices to aid dream recall and analysis.

Dreams offer us the key into our own wisdom, understanding our dreams is one of the best ways to expand our magic.

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£10 +

Give a magical gift to a friend or loved one. Receive a digital voucher to share via email. You can top up the voucher with any amount that the bearer will receive off their reading, healing or ritual tool of choice.


These vouchers do not expire and can be redeemed at any time. 

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