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This deck is my baby! Created in the light of the Purple Diamond - a protective and expansive energy.

Vibrant and intuitive 78 card deck with 168 page colour guidebook. A warm and unique tarot deck perfect for beginners and seasoned tarot readers alike.

The original cards have each been hand painted with love and meaning - this deck is rich in spiritual connection.

Use these cards, their imagery and spirit to feel allied with, protected, and ready to meet yourself ever more deeply. ​



£45 hardback 
£50 hardback signed copy (sold out)

A book to of tarot, of art, of affirmations. Use this book as an oracle - a mirror to your ever shifting truths. With a forward by Crystal Gandrud.

Calling all witches, alchemists, wild hearts, feelers, empaths, and those drawn to the strange mysteries of life.  May she who come to meet herself know… ETERNAL REFLECTIONS mirrors the archetypal journey of feminine awakening in beautiful channeled imagery and sacred text.  Symbols, pictures and metaphors are the languages of the soul. This book will be your guide back home to those truest parts of yourself.  The parts that also exist outside of time and space and live in the realm of myth.   - Ayesha Ophelia

"This offering by Arizona Smith will have you inspired to connect more with your own creative spirit" - Deborah Hanekamp AKA Mama Medicine 

Signed copies available direct 

unsigned available from Amazon   / Barnes and Nobel and all major bookstores . Full list of retailers here :



£50 bespoke

£40 prescription

Spirit Candles are a mirror to the flame that can never go out in the altar of your heart. Bespoke hand-painted candles for your ritual needs. Use this reiki charged candles as talismans to the support around you and within. Makes for a magical gift to yourself or a loved one.

Bespoke - 

tell me a little about where you’re at and I will create a set of candles which are the perfect tools for your needs. Considering colour magic, scent, plant allies, energies and painted talismans. 

Prescription -

add a set onto any reading or session to work with the medicine which came through. The candles will be based on whatever felt most important during our time together.

The spirit of fire burns away what is no longer needed, reminds us to dance and play and holds space for us when we need a spark to fan in hard times. 



£10 +

Give a magical gift to a friend or loved one. Receive a digital voucher to share via email. You can top up the voucher with any amount that the bearer will receive off their reading of choice. If you buy a reading or healing as a present I will offer you a voucher or you can request on directly. These vouchers do not expire and can be redeemed at any time. 



pre-made - £12
bespoke - £25 
prescription - £18


THE SUN - St Johns wort for Happiness, protection + vitality - sold out 

THE EMPRESS - rose + amethyst based 

- in stock 

THE HIGH PRIESTESS - lapis lazuli + mugwort based 

- in stock 

Bespoke - a channeled botanical perfumed oil made just for you  

Prescription - add your oil onto any session type for a discount. A channeled botanical perfumed oil made just for you  using the information that arrived during our time together.




A5 archival quality giclee art prints of any card on lovely thick paper. Request a print of any card image from the deck or use this as an add on to your order for an illustrated reading.