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All sessions can be booked by sending me an email at .



1 hour – zoom – £150
1 hour – in person - £222

Working with you energetically to design a healing ceremony to cleanse, clear or call in whatever is needed for you at this time. Ceremonies will be based in reiki, shamanic and angelic practices using sound healing, the elements, energy healing and Love. 

Ceremonies are friendly and loving whilst keeping good energetic hygiene and boundaries. These are safe and compassionate containers form maximised healing. These are great for transitions, initiatory phases and healing. 

What you will receive (1:1):

  • A bespoke healing 

  • Time to talk through the session and anything that came up 

  • Guidance in going forward 



Ceremony bundle - £111
Bespoke ceremony bundle - £222

Choose your bundle based on one element from the list below. Or choose to have a bespoke bundle made. 

Water: work with the element of water to cleanse, nourish and hold yourself and others in compassion and love. Working with the archetype of The Mother of Cups to release stagnant emotions from the body, energetic field and call in the energy of the divine loving mother water.

This is great for working with

  • grief

  • sadness

  • matters of the heart

  • home/domestic life

  • nourishing flowing creativity

  • adaptability

  • greater self-love

  • compassion for all beings. 

Fire: work with the element of fire to burn away what no longer serves, set vows and call in your magic and sense of play. Working with the archetype of the Mother of Wands to cleanse, purify and regain a sense of your inner fire and personal power. 

This is great for working with:

  •  removing illusions

  • releasing outdated patterns

  • working with anger

  • setting fiery vows

  •  engaging with the playful self

  • working with the inner flame/ personal power centre

  • inner child work

Earth: work with the element of earth to ground, anchor and feel held. Working with the Mother of Pentacles to feel a sense of connection to the earth, body and others, gratitude, relaxation and generosity.

This is great if you:

  • need grounding or to ground in specific energies.

  • making vows around being in your body or the material realm

  •  feeling more aligned with nature and all beings.

  • home and community

  • feeling safe and solid 

  • abundance

Air: work with the element of air to aid communication, cleanse the mind and energetic body, and connect to your higher self. Working with the Mother of Swords to call in a sense of healthy boundaries, protection, cleansing and deeper sense of connection to your higher self. 

This is great if you want to work with:

  • boundaries 

  • communication 

  • cleansing 

  • focus and new ideas 

  • matters of the spirit

  • balance 

  • clarity and truth

All bundles are made with love, intention and reiki energy for the highest good of all beings. All items are sourced as ethically as possible. 

Bespoke bundles will be created specifically based on what’s coming up for you. These can be given as gifts with the recipient’s permission.

You will receive:

  •  Ceremony Instructions + meditation mp3 download 

  • Sacred organic herbal tea 

  • Organic plant-based smudge/ incense

  • One tumble crystal, shell or rock chosen with love and intention from Alice Foley Fae

  • Blessed water or oil

  • Image and mantra for your elemental tarot archetype 

  • Reiki charged candle 

  • hand-made botanically dyed and magic herb filled eye pillow by Ciara Callaghan

Postage fees are £5 UK shipping, £10 rest of the world economy and £20 rest of the world international standard 




A bespoke prescription to create a self-led ceremony for your own healing. Working with your intentions and energy to create a set of instructions that will best serve your ceremony. This will also come with a healing transmission.

What you will receive:

  • Ten-minute zoom call to look at what’s coming up

  • A bespoke prescription for a healing ceremony 

  • Healing transmission

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