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A Journey Through The Tarot - Line Two

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A Journey Through the Tarot - Line Two is a unique 8 week course which takes us along the archetypal journey of the second line of the Major Arcana - this is the second instalment of this three act mystery school into these archetypal energies - do them in order, or dive in and out as you wish. Line two is T R A N S F O R M A T I O N ✨ Open to tarot beginners and those interested in deepening their tarot connection or those interested in the inspiration these ancient archetypes bring for creative and healing work. A way to incorporate mythic thinking into your everyday life, to expand your capacity to make sense of this strange world - employing the poetic + oracular mind, myth + story, symbolism past + present. Receive 90 minute teachings per module which each include a lecture, practice and ceremonial meditation plus optional homework recommendations and further reading for each archetype. This is a healing activation as much as it is an instructional course. Modules: 🐉 Session 1: Introduction to Line 2 + Opening Ceremony 🐉 Session 2: Justice - Divine Law 🐉 Session 3: The Hermit - Sacred Space 🐉 Session 4: Wheel of Fortune - Opening to Infinite Possibility 🐉 Session 5 : Strength - Standing in our Power 🐉 Session 6: The Hanged One - Listening 🐉 Session 7 : Death - Finding safety in Transformation 🐉 Session 8: Temperance - Courting Harmony * note - to join you will be prompted to sign in, you can create an account or sign in using Google so we can create a profile for you

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