Every 1st Monday of the month at 18:00 GMT

 pay what you can - suggested donation £10

The first Monday of every month we gather on zoom for a group reading.

✨have your cards read or sit back and soak up the collective magic- we are going to make something amazing just by being together in a healing and intentional space. A space for: channeling, tarot , healing, community, honesty and loving vibes 💖

This is for you if : 

💖 you love to delve into the magic and mystical 
💖 you are a seeker of truth, understanding and greater self knowledge 
💖 you have questions you’d like some input on
💖 you are interested In being with a like minded community 
💖 you are interested in healing and shining your light even brighter
Suggested donation £10 ~ I don’t want payment to be a barrier of connection so if you can’t pay £10 this month just let me know~ and if you’re feeling flush, pay a bit extra to help another witch take their seat. 



Early Bird  and scholarship apps open until Dec 1st

The Total Transformation package includes 40+ hours of live or recorded content over the course of 12 weeks plus a bundle of bonuses intended to support your journey – these include monthly sessions with Roots and Purple Diamond, PDFs, recordings and ongoing support throughout the program. 

What is the Energy Garden?

Energy Garden is a 3-month offering dedicated to evoking true transformation from the roots up. 2022 is the year - our year - for absolute alignment and total trust in our inner knowings. Expect transformation, alignment, laughter, community and MAGIC.

The Energy Garden’s doors are open from January through March for 12 weeks of inspiring and life-changing sessions, workshops, masterclasses and ceremonies. This is a safe and sacred space to be explored with curious eyes and compassionate hearts. The garden exists between us, it is the realization of what we tend together. Explore yourself as both gardener and garden, tender and tended. 

Ask yourself: In 2022 am I ready to remember my magic and own my worth?

This is going to be special….

We have intentionally selected magical guest gardeners to join us in holding space for divine bloomings to take place in 2022. Each guest brings with them unique gifts and expertise in their fields. 

Here are just a few of the INCREDIBLE guest gardeners joining us:

Ayesha Ophelia

Dani Hickey 

Gisele Plamondon

Alice Foley Fae 

Xenia (Myths of Creation)

Kalah Hill