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Feeling stuck, unsure, ready to remember your magic and in need of a guide along the way?

Finding yourself accessing deeper spaces within and looking for ways to refine your intuitive gifts?

Do you have a wish to deepen your understanding of your own rich creative wisdom?

Interested in living a life of deeper connection and ceremony?

What I offer is a safe container to explore what's coming up. Together we will look at creative ways to bring more flexibility, joy and expansion into your practices and your life.

Most of all I'm here to be a loving mirror to the wisdom you already hold. 

I'm really enjoying working with Arizona. Always feeling calmer and brighter after our sessions. I f

These 1:1 sessions are bespoke, safe, loving and expansive. Together we will look at what’s coming up for you, what your interests are and how your intuition is showing up already. We will use the tarot, journeying, meditation, divination, art, story and energetic healing to work in a way which best suits you. You will receive personalised guidance and have the opportunity to talk through any symbols, dreams, images, archetypes or happenings which have come to you.

Calm Sea


I have years of experience working through artistic and inutuive methods with people of all ages and backgrounds. But more importantly, I understand what it is to both seek greater mastery of your intuitive gifts AND what it is to need a guide in times of fear. I know the value of holding loving space, and I also know that you don't need anything more than that from me. Because you are the magic you seek.

What you receive:

- 1 x monthly hour zoom call with Arizona 

- 1x monthly check in 

- monthly gentle bespoke spiritual / creative homework 

- free guide to dreamwork

- on going early access to new healing projects 

Book a free consultation call to find out more and feel into working together in a container of 6, 9 or 12 sessions at a time. The investment per month is £111 - payment plans are available

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